Community Solar and Communities of Faith: Savings through Strategic Partnerships

Team Nexamp | Oct 31, 2017

Across the nation, communities of faith are increasingly looking to solar power to reduce their environmental footprint while cashing in on solar savings. And why not? Within the last year, solar prices have dropped nearly 20% and there are now 1.4 million solar installations in the United States. Still, many churches, mosques, and synagogues don’t have buildings suitable for rooftop solar panels, nor the funds to pay the high upfront costs of buying and installing solar. In this regard, Community Solar acts as the perfect opportunity for houses of worship to go green while saving some serious green as well. 

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From Boston to Washington, D.C. – How the Nexamp Team Joined the Fight Against Proposed Solar Tariffs

Mary Badger | Aug 24, 2017

This past week, I joined a dedicated group from Nexamp to travel from Boston to Washington D.C. to lend our voices to the opposition of a new solar tariff. The solar tariff, petitioned to the International Trade Commission (ITC) by Suniva, a U.S. based solar manufacturer, poses a serious threat to the solar industry. Should the tariff be imposed, it could potentially double the costs of solar installation by raising the prices of imported solar cells.  The U.S. solar industry relies on access to the global market in order to compete with other fuel sources in the energy market. The proposed tariff would effectively price out clean energy customers and slow the growth of a thriving new industry in America. When the Nexamp team heard that SEIA was organizing an opposition rally for the ITC injury hearing, we didn’t hesitate to jump into a couple of SUV’s and make the eight-plus hour journey to join the gathering and show our support for the solar industry.

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Community Solar - The Nexamp Difference

Team Nexamp | Aug 14, 2017

With a record breaking 14.8 gigawatts of solar projects installed last year, 2016 marked solar’s biggest year ever, proving that solar energy is here to stay. Installed solar power production capacity in 2016 increased 97% over the previous year, resulting in the highest installed capacity totals we have ever seen. In fact, Q4 was the largest quarter on record for solar, sending the industry into 2017 with a full head of steam. Despite some recent setbacks at the federal level (EPA budget cuts, the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, etc.), solar is still poised for massive growth this year. 

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Nexamp to Host Boston Women in Solar Energy Roundtable

Julie Arnold | Feb 22, 2017

This Thursday, February 23rd, women and men of the Massachusetts solar industry will come together at District Hall in Boston to participate in the third annual #NationWISE event. NationWISE is a multi-city roundtable that was started by the Boston-based nonprofit Women in Solar Energy (WISE) to facilitate dialogue and collaboration towards a common goal of advancing women in all aspects of the solar energy industry. The event provides an exciting opportunity for women across the United States to unite and bring forth innovative ideas and strategies to strengthen the solar community and to set priorities for the upcoming year. Nexamp, a leading commercial solar developer headquartered in Boston, is honored to host the Northeast chapter this year.

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Securing a Spot in the Solar Space - My Experience Interning in Solar

Caitlin Majewski | Jan 6, 2017

I am currently a new Asset Manager for Nexamp, monitoring and maintaining the company’s operating solar portfolio. Only six months ago, I was finishing up my undergraduate studies, still somewhat unsure of my career trajectory. I studied English and Environmental Science at Wesleyan and I have always had a passion for current issues relevant to my generation. Environmental threats are only becoming more pressing and I was confident that coupling these problems with developing technologies would lead to a lot of untapped job growth in the industry. It was this initial lure that brought me to Washington, D.C. for an environmental policy internship just a few weeks after finishing up college.

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Careers in Solar: Kathy Castle

Team Nexamp | Aug 24, 2016

Kathy Castle


Kathy sits on our senior management team and has seen the company through several transformations over the past 6 years. She has had a hand in shaping numerous internal processes and is a huge driver of company culture. From managing her team to spearheading financial reporting and planning baby showers, Kathy truly does it all.


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Catalyzing Community Solar

Team Nexamp | Jul 20, 2016

Yesterday President Obama announced his Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative and its goal of bringing 1 gigawatt of solar to low- and moderate- income families by 2020. We here at Nexamp are proud to support this goal by committing to complete construction on 17 new community solar projects by the end of 2016, totalling 35 megawatts of projects that will serve nearly 2000 households, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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C-PACE comes to Rhode Island: An easier way to go Solar

Michael Cucchiara | Jul 19, 2016

Increasing your property’s value while supporting renewable energy has always been appealing, though not always economically compelling. Onsite solar projects can provide reliable and significant electricity cost savings. Especially in Rhode Island, where electricity rates are among the highest in the country, properties with solar installations can differentiate themselves - and even draw a premium - for progressive tenants drawn by industrial expansion and economic growth. Unfortunately, typical financing structures can limit the potential for these projects to become a reality for middle market commercial and industrial property owners.

However, a new option is quickly gaining popularity in the Ocean State: Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE). C-PACE allows property owners to finance a solar project through voluntary charges on their property tax bill over the life the project. Following major successes in California and Connecticut, C-PACE legislation has been enacted in Rhode Island and 31 other states to help owners bring their properties into the new energy economy.

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Welcome to the Nexamp Energy Center: the Heart of our Solar Monitoring Operations

Team Nexamp | Jul 12, 2016

Located at our Boston headquarters, the Nexamp Energy Center works 7 days a week to provide the meaningful data points that make our team smarter and set us apart as a turnkey solar solutions provider.

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Careers in Solar: Brian

Edith Shi | May 4, 2016

Brian, Senior Solar Designer

Our senior solar designer, Brian, manages our design team, does high level designs and energy modelling, researches new products, and supports the construction teams. As one of our earliest employees, he has also seen firsthand Nexamp’s transformation from a residential solar company to a commercial-scale solar project developer, EPC, and asset management firm. This month, Brian shared his own path to solar and how engineering students seeking jobs can stand out from the crowd.

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