Community Solar and Communities of Faith: Savings through Strategic Partnerships

Team Nexamp | Oct 31, 2017


Across the nation, communities of faith are increasingly looking to solar power to reduce their environmental footprint while cashing in on solar savings. And why not? Within the last year, solar prices have dropped nearly 20% and there are now 1.4 million solar installations in the United States. Still, many churches, mosques, and synagogues don’t have buildings suitable for rooftop solar panels, nor the funds to pay the high upfront costs of buying and installing solar. In this regard, Community Solar acts as the perfect opportunity for houses of worship to go green while saving some serious green as well. 

Through Community Solar, residents, small businesses, and non-profits can realize the benefits of solar power by subscribing to a share of a local solar farm. For church communities seeking to lower their energy costs and environmental impacts, Community Solar provides a new opportunity to save without the hassle and expense of solar installation on their property.

This spring, Westford’s First Parish Church United became the latest in a growing list of churches to partner with Nexamp and share simple, immediate savings with their parishioners. Already a green community in their own right, the Westford church has been busy implementing various sustainability measures, from educating around recycling and upcyling programs to co-founding the Westford Farmers Market and advocating for a Styrofoam ban. Through this partnership, the church will continue to improve the sustainability and economic security of the Westford community, stimulating local economies through clean job creation and increasing home-grown energy independence. Reverend Eric Hausman, Minister of First Parish Church United, shares the rationale behind their move to join Nexamp’s Community Solar program:

“After evaluating the different avenues by which First Parish Church United could embrace solar energy, it was evident that Nexamp’s Solarize My Bill was the right fit for our parish.  Community Solar is an easy and advantageous way for all residences, small businesses, and nonprofits to embrace clean energy.”                

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