Welcome to the Nexamp Energy Center: the Heart of our Solar Monitoring Operations

Team Nexamp | Jul 12, 2016

Nexamp Energy Center

Located at our Boston headquarters, the Nexamp Energy Center works 7 days a week to provide the meaningful data points that make our team smarter and set us apart as a turnkey solar solutions provider.

What exactly is the Nexamp Energy Center?

The Nexamp Energy Center is at the heart of our asset management (NAMS) group’s daily energy production operations, as well as long-term information management strategy. The Center monitors real time performance for over 50 Megawatts of Nexamp managed solar photovoltaic (PV) plants. Our analysts detect performance issues as they occur and rapidly deploy appropriate maintenance personnel to ensure peak production and maximize return on investment for Nexamp owned, as well as valued third party customer sites. Our stakeholder reports incorporate historical performance data and the Center’s modelling and cost benefit analyses to best demonstrate our approach to project longevity and optimum efficiency.

An example of the value associated with NAMS’ proactive monitoring and response framework is depicted below:

Beginning regular maintenance on an operating solar pv project resulted in an almost 10% increase

Fleet-wide, the impact of 24/7 monitoring and predictive modeling is clear: Nexamp solar projects had >99% system availability in 2015.

The Nexamp Energy Center also provides continuous performance analysis and feedback that is leveraged by our finance, development and design teams during new project development. With nearly a decade of performance data from more than 100 ground mounted and rooftop solar plants, the Center provides a knowledge base that enhances every part of our team. Its contributions shape our project developers’ sourcing and acquisition strategies, refine our design and engineering teams’ production forecasts, and allow our asset managers to update portfolio statuses and anticipated revenues in real time.

This knowledge transfer across groups is a key benefit of having full project lifecycle capabilities. As a team, we experience the sum of our individual efforts consolidated into actionable intelligence, that in turn allows us to work more proactively. Subsequently, our customers and clients enjoy greater transparency, better project performance, and increased utility cost savings.


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