Empowering New Parents - How Nexamp is Leading the Way with New Parental Leave Policy

Kelly Friend | Jun 15, 2018

Having recently joined Nexamp as the Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, I’m a relatively new member of the team. Part of my interview process included a meeting with Zaid Ashai, Nexamp’s Chairman and CEO. As a mother of a two-year-old, I asked Zaid about Nexamp’s commitment to a diverse workforce, including policies that support working parents. My former employer offered generous leave and other supportive benefits and I wanted to join a like-minded company. 

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Securing a Spot in the Solar Space - My Experience Interning in Solar

Caitlin Majewski | Jan 6, 2017

I am currently a new Asset Manager for Nexamp, monitoring and maintaining the company’s operating solar portfolio. Only six months ago, I was finishing up my undergraduate studies, still somewhat unsure of my career trajectory. I studied English and Environmental Science at Wesleyan and I have always had a passion for current issues relevant to my generation. Environmental threats are only becoming more pressing and I was confident that coupling these problems with developing technologies would lead to a lot of untapped job growth in the industry. It was this initial lure that brought me to Washington, D.C. for an environmental policy internship just a few weeks after finishing up college.

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Careers in Solar: Kathy Castle

Team Nexamp | Aug 24, 2016

Kathy Castle


Kathy sits on our senior management team and has seen the company through several transformations over the past 6 years. She has had a hand in shaping numerous internal processes and is a huge driver of company culture. From managing her team to spearheading financial reporting and planning baby showers, Kathy truly does it all.


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Careers in Solar: Bowen

Team Nexamp | Mar 15, 2016

Bowen, Solar Asset Manager

As a Solar Asset Manager at our Boston headquarters, Bo occupies a unique role within the Nexamp Asset Management Services team. He is at the nexus between operations & maintenance, performance monitoring, finance, and business development. He ensures that each project under our management stays successful long after its switch is first flipped to maximize the benefits to all of our stakeholders, whether local businesses, residential customers, banks, or investors.

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Careers in Solar: Stefan

Team Nexamp | Dec 22, 2015

Stefan, System Designer

As a senior member of our design team, Stefan can be found rolling around our engineering and operations office drafting new drawing sets, coaching younger designers and collaborating with other members of our EPC and development teams. A normal day includes fielding questions about projects under construction, preparing project bid documents, and keeping our development pipeline moving along.

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Helping Homeless Veterans Back on Their Feet

Team Nexamp | Nov 12, 2015

Ever since two US Army Captains founded Nexamp in 2007, veterans have played a large role throughout the company. Our team remains 15% veteran, and Veterans Day joins Earth Day as one of our two annual Service Days.

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Careers in Solar: Julie Beauchemin

Team Nexamp | Sep 30, 2015

Julie Beauchemin

Associate, Development and Sales


As part of our Development team, Julie owns lead generation for solar sites. She can be found screening potential sites for ground-mounted and rooftop solar projects, reviewing acquisition opportunities or processing requests for proposals. Following her second MassCEC summer internship with us, Julie was offered a full-time position after graduation.


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Democratizing the Solar Field

Sarah Krulewitz | Jul 21, 2015



Have you ever driven by a house with solar panels and thought to yourself, “If only my roof faced the right direction,” or “If only I had enough money to invest in solar!”? For years, adopting solar has been a challenge for many people. The benefits have been limited to homeowners with large roofs with minimal shading, who are able to pay thousands for an installation. While the costs of solar are rapidly dropping, residential solar remains feasible for only approximately 20% of homeowners in the United States.

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Happy Earth Day!

Team Nexamp | Apr 22, 2015

Nexamp employees found time today to give back on Earth Day, cleaning up along the shores of the Merrimack River with the Clean River Project.

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