11 Hidden Solar Gems in Massachusetts

Makaila Decker | Apr 24, 2015

After a record-breaking 110.3 inches of snow in Boston this winter, the sun and solar energy are not the first things to come to mind for Massachusetts residents. To the surprise of many, Massachusetts is quickly climbing the ranks to become one of the Nation's leaders in solar energy. Currently ranked #4 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Massachusetts has solar panels popping up in places you may least expect. Check out these 11 solar solutions found all across Massachusetts. Some may have been hiding right under your nose. 

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Solar Access for All: A New Model in Massachusetts

John Murphy | Apr 14, 2015

A clean energy transformation is underway across the country, and it’s reshaping the way in which Americans think about their energy consumption. Thanks to forward-thinking policymakers in states like Massachusetts, renewable energy is not only a growing portion of the energy mix, but is also an increasing source of utility cost savings for residents and businesses alike. As importantly, solar is what the people want! At least 70% of Massachusetts residents recognize the solar industry as an important piece of the Commonwealth’s vibrant economy.

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Why More of the Same is Excellent News

Zaid Ashai | Jan 13, 2015

It’s that time of year when we can’t help but reflect, look back at the year that was and look forward to the year that will be. What have we done with the time we’ve been given?

When I think about the year “that was” for solar, there’s no denying the progress made, the momentum built and the signs pointing to an industry maturating.  This was the year that, according to the SEIA, saw 36% of all new electric capacity installed come from solar. It was the year where a new solar project was installed every three minutes. It was the year where we saw costs drop dramatically to the point that the national average PV installed system price declined to $2.71/W by Q3 of 2014, with solar even reaching grid parity with fossil fuel generation in some states.  The industry is awash in sunny news with the forecast for more sun holding strong.

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Solar: A Singular Opportunity of Lasting Impact

Zaid Ashai | Dec 12, 2014

It seems today, in this age of continual disruption fueled by technical innovation, that “once in a lifetime career opportunities” are no longer rarefied. Industries are being upended, “enchanted objects” via the Internet of Things are being imagined and designed, and great minds, young and old, are collaborating to solve the world’s big problems. But not all disruption is equal nor is every opportunity – some truly are singular.

Just shy of a year ago, I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Nexamp as its CEO.  At the time, the company was already poised for success – having amassed a stellar team and nearly a decade of solar experience, and devised a differentiated strategy to develop, build, own and operate installations. The exuberance for solar this past year could be felt on Main Street, Wall Street, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and this excitement reached from Massachusetts to California. Year-over-year install growth was nearly 50% and in the first quarter of 2014 nearly three-quarters of all new generation came from solar. Just this month, SEIA and GTM Research, released a report noting that in Q2 2014 the U.S. installed 1,133 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaics to total 15.9 gigawatts (GW) installed capacity or enough to power 3.2 million homes. For me, the opportunity to lead Nexamp is singular. Not only because of the momentum behind our company and the industry, but because we are just getting started. 

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