Securing a Spot in the Solar Space - My Experience Interning in Solar

Caitlin Majewski | Jan 6, 2017

I am currently a new Asset Manager for Nexamp, monitoring and maintaining the company’s operating solar portfolio. Only six months ago, I was finishing up my undergraduate studies, still somewhat unsure of my career trajectory. I studied English and Environmental Science at Wesleyan and I have always had a passion for current issues relevant to my generation. Environmental threats are only becoming more pressing and I was confident that coupling these problems with developing technologies would lead to a lot of untapped job growth in the industry. It was this initial lure that brought me to Washington, D.C. for an environmental policy internship just a few weeks after finishing up college.

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Welcome to the Nexamp Energy Center: the Heart of our Solar Monitoring Operations

Team Nexamp | Jul 12, 2016

Located at our Boston headquarters, the Nexamp Energy Center works 7 days a week to provide the meaningful data points that make our team smarter and set us apart as a turnkey solar solutions provider.

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Careers in Solar: Bowen

Team Nexamp | Mar 15, 2016

Bowen, Solar Asset Manager

As a Solar Asset Manager at our Boston headquarters, Bo occupies a unique role within the Nexamp Asset Management Services team. He is at the nexus between operations & maintenance, performance monitoring, finance, and business development. He ensures that each project under our management stays successful long after its switch is first flipped to maximize the benefits to all of our stakeholders, whether local businesses, residential customers, banks, or investors.

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